About Us


SANDÉE- it’s the story of a working woman and a man who always have what to wear. Elegant workwear silhouettes, top quality fabrics and delicate details make them choose Sandée without doubt for work every day.

The SANDÉE brand creates luxurious and high quality cotton work clothes for beauty and health professionals. It has also become loved by professionals in other fields, who want to look impeccable in their work environment. Many different models, variety of colours and matching parts of the outfits give the possibility to look different every day.

All SANDÉE clothes are made of the highest quality cotton with nylon and elastane. The fabric is easy to maintain, washes away various stains easily, is perfectly breathable and does not restrict movements during work.

You can choose complete sets or buy separate and mix-and-match them.

Founder of the brand

Sandra Žilinskienė is the founder of the SANDÉE brand and the creator of product design. For the past 10 years she has lived and worked in Paris, in the French fashion industry. She graduated in fashion and textile studies, after which she worked with various world-renowned fashion houses, such as Michael Kors, Kenzo and others.
Having gained enough experience, she created the first clothing line for women. Two years later, traveling around the world, she discovered that the fashion industry was mainly focused on women during her leisure and holidays, and that workwear accounted for only a very small share of the total market. Like that in 2020 the SANDÉE brand was created, creating luxury workwear and special accessories for professionals. Sandra’s passion for detail and perfect quality is reflected in all SANDÉE collections.